“IT” Character Illustration



Well the original mindset behind this character was for an idea thrown around in class about including an “it” character or basically a non-human character for our current “RAK” project. I’m not sure if it will fit in with the whole point of “RAK” but I figured I should start posting all of my work here, soo this was done in Illustrator.




Over the course of this Digital Imaging I class I learned a lot of new and important tools and techniques about graphic design that I think will help further my experience in this field. As the semester dwindles down I find myself using more and more of the techniques we used in class to speed up the creative process. For example in the past for me to remove a picture from its background it would require a lot of erasing, zooming in and changing of brush sizes to get rid of the entire background. However, in class we learned about tools such as Quick Selection and Quick Masking to grab the objects you want faster and cleaner. With knowledge of tools like being able to edit the image size as well as accurately adjust saturation with the levels adjustments I believe this class has helped me make the transition from being a beginner, not knowing where to even start, to having the knowledge and know-how to bring my creations to fruition.